Web Developer in Beverley

Since 1998, I've have been developing database driven web sites, using proven methodologies, industry standard database systems and cutting edge front end technology. I believe that the customer facing part of your website should be fresh and current whilst the backend technology should just work…. forever. Whether you need a complete system building from scratch or a rebuild of your existing site, I can help.

My process

I will work with you to determine your requirements and then put together a specification for your project. The contents of the specification will vary based on the complexity of the front end and back office system that you require. When you’re happy with the specification I’ll build a development and staging environment and you can watch your site being built. I’ll integrate SEO keywords into the site and add in analytics software so that you can see how your site is performing when you go live. You will own the source code for the system that I build so it can be passed to another developer if you choose not to use my services in the future.

Technology used

Website development by myself is based on best practice. I use industry standard database, backend and frontend development tools to ensure good looks, speed and availability. I move with the times on the front end but use robust, time proven architecture on the backend as a solid foundation for your web business.

Data sources

For backend database systems, I mostly use MySQL. MySQL has been the web database of choice for over twenty years and powers sites for large organisations such as Facebook, Sony, Paypal and Twitter. Over the years, some projects have necessitated using customer supplied databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, Access and SQLlite. For some projects I use feeds and APIs from other sites or XML/CSV/text files. Whatever your needs are, I’ll use the most appropriate data source for you.

Back-end development

For the ‘glue’ between the website and the database, I prefer PHP. PHP runs on the web server and provides the ‘glue’ between the data and the website. It is a very versatile language, which is one of the reasons that Facebook use it to run their site. Other languages that I’ve used for legacy projects include Python, Java and ASP.

Front-end development

All websites that I build are responsive: they’re built to work across all devices. I currently use HTML5, CSS, Javascript and JQuery to make this happen, although I have used HTML3 and HTML4 in the past when the majority of browsers could only support them. I love to experiment with new up and coming front end technologies and, when they’re ready for production, I start to integrate them into live web sites. I'm in line with the times but only if its right for your site!

If you have any questions at all about how I can help you with your web development requirements or web development in general, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the social channels above.